Thursday, April 3, 2008

studio roadside and 'hcfe'

Hot Cold Full Empty, do you watch all your gauges?

There is something dynamic and random in the results of motor accidents, something captured in a moment of time. Referred first hand as a finger of god experience often.

This work is a car, an everyday object that speaks volumes about the random, unpredictable and relatively consequential nature of everyday life. We use vehicles everyday, embark on journeys that we may consider insignificant, but which exponentially increase the possibility of enormous change. This work is a snapshot of the accumulation of life, a statement about the ecological outcome of everyday activity, and the ways it becomes invisible to us.

Much of my work is born from pop culture experience, interest in the possibilities associated with multiverse theory, concentrating on possible evolutionary divergence, and how this relates to our specific time space continuum.

My work often concentrates on things that did not happen. The time lines that changed and continue to change. Particularly I try to give some meaning on an ecological level, to care for your timeline, to know its there, to know it can change, that it is always in a state of flux.

The object directly links and gives the viewer insight into the nature of my preferred medium, recycled steel. These unfortunate creations of consequence are often the starting point for me, allowing an aspect of rebirth for object presented, a potential insight into previous works and their beginnings.

HCFE draws upon the tradition of found objects. The various timelines we travel upon and experiences we accumulate come to make up our sense of the world. Then the viewer is asked to question the nature of reality as art…… perception merely dictated by our subjective experience? Is it art?
I aim to raise questions about our notions of ‘safety’ and ‘progress’. The car becomes an ironic intersection of the two, representing not only the many individual trajectories we take, but the wider journey of the global community, a densely layered image of freedom and enclosure, safety and risk, progress and regression,
Is the vehicle out of control?

art worx Clemmett

'hcfe' (it was a kh laser) 06 thursday plantations east coast sculpture show

'Apex' Splendour in the grass 2007 interactive sculpture

Montgomery sculpture Trust UK 'Balls three' 2002

'ran out of wood' 2007 sculpture bt the sea Bondi

whats a good car- or your ecological choice

People often ask me what a good car to buy is. Well to start, there’s an oxymoron right there, Good? Car? I’m sorry but I often refer to a well known chauvinism about tits and wheels. I like to recycle my steel and I don’t differentiate, for me art and life are a mesh.
Give me a written off car any day, I know why its there, you can trust a damaged car.
Insurance companies sell cars for what ever they can get, and a smirk is raised at prospects of making money from an insurance practice for me.
Now if you have bothered to insure your car you will probably be servicing it as well, you probably care for your car mistaking it for investment, so when you crash it and it’s a total loss (when do you decide things are a total loss) , And that my friends is a car you can trust.

Friday, March 28, 2008


If you have found this blog through google and would like to see some pictures, videos and info about Daniel Clemmet - Australian Primitive Contemporary Sculptor (APCS) have a look at

Mitsubishi Stingray

hmmmm, what shall i do today,  a bit of front end repair on a Magna perhaps?  And this arvo i beleive i will turn that wrecked blue Lancer bonnet into a stingray......