Thursday, April 3, 2008

whats a good car- or your ecological choice

People often ask me what a good car to buy is. Well to start, there’s an oxymoron right there, Good? Car? I’m sorry but I often refer to a well known chauvinism about tits and wheels. I like to recycle my steel and I don’t differentiate, for me art and life are a mesh.
Give me a written off car any day, I know why its there, you can trust a damaged car.
Insurance companies sell cars for what ever they can get, and a smirk is raised at prospects of making money from an insurance practice for me.
Now if you have bothered to insure your car you will probably be servicing it as well, you probably care for your car mistaking it for investment, so when you crash it and it’s a total loss (when do you decide things are a total loss) , And that my friends is a car you can trust.

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